Stable and reliable, mold production standard spark machine

1. From small to super large, the company has a strong product lineup, covering all kinds of mold processing needs

2. The system is stable and durable with high reliability, which greatly improves the precision and quality of the mold

3. The key parts affecting the quality of the whole machine are imported high-quality parts of top brands from Taiwan and Japan

Model CNC-450 CNC-540
  Size of oil container mm 1100×710×450 1300×720×475
  Table size mm 700×400 800×400
Longitude(X) mm 455 575
Crossward(Y) mm 360 400
Vertical(Z) mm 200 200
  Electrode head mm 280 380
  Max.distance between
electrode head and working table
mm 480 550
  Max.load of electrode head Kg 120 150
  Max.load of table Kg 1200 1500
  Dimension(L*W*H) mm 2050×2530×2400 1640×1460×2140
  Net weight Kg 1500 1740
Cube L 400 460
Net weight Kg 150 180