Both efficiency and fine, suitable for ordinary and high precision mold, parts processing

1. It is suitable for ultra-high precision mold and precision parts processing

2. U grade high quality fine surface processing, low loss, high finish

3. Used for processing complex surface parts, precision connectors, fine processing of precision parts, to solve complex processing problems

4. Realize large area with high finish and uniform surface processing, and small area with PIKA surface processing


Model CNC-40G CNC-540NG
  Size of oil container mm 1130×710×450 1370×720×450
  Table size mm 700×400 850×450
Longitude(X) mm 400 500
Crossward(Y) mm 300 400
Vertical(Z) mm 300 300
  Max.distance between
electrode head and working table
mm 620 690
  Max.load of electrode head Kg 120 150
  Max.load of table Kg 1000 1800
  Dimension(L*W*H) mm 2050×2530×2400 2300×2770×2650
  Net weight Kg 2200 2500

Electrical Cabinet Specification:

 CNC pulse power supply unit A1-40 Input method Touch screen, USD
 Max.current for processing 40A Display method  15’’LCD screen (TFT-LCD)
 Total input current 9KVA Hand control box Standard point motion  (multi-level switching) assist
 Input power AC380V Position command method Absolute and value added
 Optimum surface roughness Ra0.2 Input range +9999.999-9999.999mm
 Minimum electrode loss 0.10% EDM condition registration function 1000 Pcs condition (C000-C999)
 Max. productivity 500mm³/min Offset function 1000 Pcs condition (H000-H999)
 Standard process 0-999groups Program sequence number subroutine nesting level Specified setting N000000000 to N999999999
 Interpolation method Copper/steel, micro copper/steel, graphite/steel, copper tungsten/steel, fine copper tungsten/steel,
Steel/steel, copper tungsten/hard alloy, copper/aluminum, graphite/titanium
Number of coordinates 60
 Input rated power Straight line, arc, spiral Drive method AC servo
 Each axis compensation Step error compensation and gap compensation for each axis Weight 800KG
 Maximum number of control axes Demension 1590*520*1899mm
 Each axis resolution 0.4μm
 Minimum drive unit 1μm