CM series adopts high quality castings and beam column gantry frame design to ensure the overall machine is suitable for rapid and stable operation. Second, CM series adopts the 24000rpm electric spindle for high-light engraving and milling. Can be widely used in one-time precision mold rough finishing, mold copper electrode, aluminum parts processing, shoe mold manufacturing fixture processing, watch industry. It has the characteristics of good finished product and high cost performance.

◆X, Y, Z axes are linear guide way pairs and the feed speed standard is 10 m / min. CM650B can also be specially matched to 24 m / min.

◆Through the finite element analysis, the structure of the machine body has high precision and rigidity when high speed operating.

◆The spindle box of CM650B has a specially reinforced design, and the cutting strength is higher than that of similar models by more than 20%.

◆The key components such as couplings, bearings and ball screws are from Germany, Japan and Taiwan top brand to ensure high quality of the machine.

◆ CM650B and CM870 models can be configured with BT30 spindle and Taiwan umbrella type tool magazine .

◆ Shield top cover and ventilation system can be configured to achieve full protection.


Model CM600 CM650B CM870 CM-8100 CM-8120
  Table size mm 600×500 600×500 860*720 820*1020 820*1200
  Travel Longitude(X) mm 600 600 720(With ATC 670) 820 820
Crossward(Y) mm 500 500 800 1000 1200
Vertical(Z) mm 220 250 330 350 350
  Width of grantry mm 650 760 800 900 900
  Spindle Taper ER25 ER25/BT30* ER25*/ER32*/BT30* ER32/BT30 ER32/BT30
Rotation speed rpm 500-24000/18000* 500-24000/18000* 500-24000/18000* 500-24000/18000*
Motor kw 5.5 5.5 5.5/7.5* 7.5 7.5
  X/Y/Z axis servo motor kw 0.85 0.85 0.85 1.8 1.8
  Distance between tool
head and table
mm 75-320 ER25(Flange type 5.5kw):80-390
BT30(Flange type 5.5kw/7.5kw):110-420
BT30( Flange type):
105-455 105-455
T-slot of table Middle :3-16*95
Two side:2-16*100
5-18*100 5-18*160/5-18*115* 5-18*160 5-18*160
  X/Y/Z axis feed speed m/min 8 8 8 15/15/10 15/15/10
  X/Y/Z axis rapid speed m/min 10 10 10 8 8
  Dimension(L*W*H) mm 21830×1570×2360 Without ATC :1880*1800*2650
With ATC:1880*2326*2645
with ATC:2560*2540*2880
3300*2400*2980 3500*3680*2900
  Net weight kg 2500 3100 3600 5500 5800
  Max.load of table kg 200 300 400 900 900

Special Model :GM650  Graphite machining center

◆Adopt fully sealed sheet metal configuration and industrial dust collection device for comprehensive collection dry graphite dust.

◆The screw and linear way are equipped with protective devices to prevent graphite from entering the moving parts for accelerated wear.

Application Industry 

Graphite electrode

Electron industry

Electrode cover copper male