“JOINT” company has been awarded the honorary title of “Shenzhen famous Brand” for 6 consecutive years

Technology precipitation, create strong brand

“Shenzhen famous brand” is a famous brand whose products and service quality reach the same advanced level in China, which is in a leading position in the same industry, whose brand value is in the forefront of the industry, with popularity, reputation and influence, good economic and social benefits, and strong market competitiveness. This activity experience declaration, industry expert evaluation, brand value evaluation and evaluation committee plenary meeting evaluation and other layers of screening, Once again with advanced technology, excellent service quality, good reputation from the selection stand out, has been the “Shenzhen famous brand” honor for six consecutive years, widely recognized by all sectors.

In the future, JOINT will improce its management and brand constructin, and strive to buil a brand with more popularity, reputation, influence and strong market competitiveness. It will also continue to explore market, provide better service and more solid quality technology to new and old customers, and make efforts to build a well-known brand and world-class brand in China’s machine tool manufacturing industry.

Adhere to quality, instead of imports

JOINT company from “zero fault” management were launched in 2016, the products to high-end professional product development, differentiated product development, service diversification, from 3 months “zero fault” machine tool to 1 year “zero fault”, through the design source modification, lean production, selection methods of supply chain, continue a radical cure to machine tool of various types of “bug” and the problems. Relying on the strength of the team, will build the platform advantage of JOINT, and become a high-quality and stable intelligent machine tool and service solution supplier in China’s machine tool manufacturing industry, which will realize the dream of Chinese machine tool workers going to the world.