Entrusted By the state administration of market supervision and administration, state administration of quality supervision and quarantine, state machine mechanical product quality supervision and inspection center, national safety quality supervision and inspection center, national plastic machinery products quality supervision and inspection center, respectively to our machine center, milling machine, CNC milling machine , other products for the strict quality inspection authority.

Shenzhen JOINT Technology Co., LTD. Of the product have successfully passed the state Administration for Market Supervision, the State General Administration of Quality supervision and Quarantine quality inspection and issued an authoritative quality inspection report, indicating that The Quality system, quality assurance ability of “JOINT” machine tool has been recognized by the national certification bodies.





 The management idea of Ally”– Collaborating with him will give you a love-hate relationship. His strict requirements on quality, continuous innovation of technology, let us in high-pressure combat, excellence. His commitment to customer service and his research on the application technology of equipment, have promoted the continuous upgrading of our manufacturing technology, can’t stop.

The obsessiveness of “Turn the dust into glory – He was the first to put forward the quality requirement of “zero failure”, excavating and eliminating the failure from each step of material quality, manufacturing technology, testing technology and application technology, and moving forward step by step from zero failure in “one month” to “three months”.

The appreciation of “Invest 10% leverage 30% – His products, not only the stability of quality, the extension of life, improving 5%-10% processing efficiency, programming technology support, automation fixture upgrade and transformation of in-depth services, so that customers invest 5%-10% cost is higher than similar products, generate more than 30% value.

Machines also can rapid customization – Through more than 20 years of precipitation, he has established a stable R&D team and the technical ability of modular special products, and established a supply consortium for the rapid supply of special products materials. He quickly provides customers with dozens of more practical and cost-effective machines every year.

Automation brings a leap in customer value – He has started the process of automation technology development of machines and human interaction, and provides customers with the whole automated production of set beat scheme, machines selection, machines manufacturing, application technology, programming technology, fixture design, truss or Six axis articulated robot operation, etc