In 1995 Year  

Dec : The company was founded in Shekou Distric ,Shenzhen .



In1996 Year 

Jan: A sales outlet was set up in pinghu,Shenzhen ,and was engaged in milling machine 

         Production and import-export trade of machine tools 



In 1997 Year 

Feb: The Dongguan sales outlet was set up in Huangjiang,Dongguan .


May:JOINT brand was applied for registration


Second half year : The company began researching the VA type precision milling machine



In 1998 Year 

First half year: The 3VA type precision milling machine was produced and sold



From 1999 to 2000 Year

The VA type precision milling machien was serialized and entered into the market 

The S type standardized milling machine was produced and entered into the market



In 2001 Year 

Nov:  The headquarter removed to block 5,Fumin Industry Area,Pinghu,Longgang District,Shenzhen for further development.


Second half: The company began researching surface grinding machine and electric discharge machine 



In 2002 Year 

First half year :The surface grinding machine and electric discharge machine were produced and sold.


Sep:The company’s products were checked and accept by foreign merchant,and the first batch of superior milling machine with frequency converter was exported to Brazil market .



In 2003 Year 

May:The company established cooperative relationships with Guangzhou Baiyun Vocational College and Nanjing Institute of Technology to lay HR foundation for CNC machine tools’ development.


June :The company passed the ISO9001 Authentication, and stepped into the right direction of quality management.


July :The bed type NC milling machine was researched and produced.



In 2004 Year 

Jan:The company started to research and produce vertical machine center and build new plant.


Second half year :The company’s products were exported to Argentina, Japan and South-East Asian market.



In 2005 Year

Feb:The company removed to the new plant of 8000 square meters in Fumin Industry Area,


Sep:The company began researching the CNC engraving machine and RATEE economical milling machine.


Oct:The company’s turret milling machine and knee type NC milling machine were passed the CE authentication of British CCQS UK company, and the milling machine was admitted into Europe


Nov:The turret milling machine and NC milling machine were exported to Europe and Australia markets



In 2006 Year 

Jun:The Linear Way CNC Milling Machine and High Speed Vertical Machine Center were researched and produced successfully.


Oct:The company set up the Marketing Department, and started a reformation exploration of marketing mode



In 2007 Year 

Nov :To expand production scale and meet the market demand, the second plant of 8000 square meters was built, and Dragon-Frame Machine Center and CNC             Lathe began to be produced and sold.


Second half year :Batches of Vertical Machine Center were exported into Europe market



In 2008 Year

First half year :The company succeeded to research the five-axis linked CNC machine center V-850-5AX and double-spindle vertical machine center L-850.


Sep :The sales team settled in Yangtze River Delta and the North Region; besides, several offices were separately set up in Suzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin                and etc.


Nov:The Vertical Machine Center and Surface Grinding Machine were passed the CE Authetication.



In 2009 Year 

First half year :The company set up Western Marketing Region and one office in Wuhan.


Sep:The company successfully acquired the ISO9001:2008 Certification through ISO recheck and upgrade.


Nov:The ERP Management System was brought in to standardize and manage the company.



In 2010 Year 

Jan:A production plant and office place of 2700 square meters were built to expand production scale and meet the market demand.


Jue :The company established medium and long term strategic cooperative relationships with Shenzhen Qinghua Research Institute.



In 2011 Year 

First half year :The company started to build the second production base in Eastern China.


Oct :Joint (An hui) Machinery Company Limited was founded.

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