Key parts protection technology

“JOINT” exclusive patent bearing protection sleeve, waterproof and slag proof ,improve bearing life

X/Y axis Multi-layer protection design ,avoid slag into, improve linear guide-way ,screw life

Spindle automatic air curtain protection, and strict protective cover protection, prevent the processing of iron chips ,cutting liquid into the spindle

Changing tool blow air protection ,prevent tool holder stains from entering spindle bearing when changing tool.

ATC Anti-Collision tool technology

● Setting Multi-stage induction detection system ,prevent changing tool position from shifting

● PLC Setting detection early warning function, prevent tool selection by mistake

● ATC Cover protection , avoid inductive switch ,motor etc electrical components are disturbed or damaged

● Control circuit setting electromagnetism anti-interface function, ensure stable transmission signal

Temperature rise compensation technology for transmission parts

● Sliding parts with bear load ,high speed friction generate heat , cause screw ,casting ,spindle to extend, make machine position accuracy error

● “JOINT” Exclusive parent technology ,setting temperature rising auto compensation in the controller ,For VMC1270 and above VMC1270 model ,they have a significant improvement in precision for long time processing mould

Three axis precision detection and improve technology

● Laser and other high precision instrument detection, combined with processing test adjustment,

● Three axis motion clearance for accurate compensation .

● Three axis load detection technology ,ensure smooth operation of three axes

Processing performance data adjustment and improvement technology

● Fanuc and Mitsubishi system set up accuracy rating function, different processing requirements can be selected to achieve the optimal processing effect easily and quickly .

● JOINT R&D application team has been testing according to customer processing requirements for a long time, and the accumulated database can provide customers with processing data optimization under various working conditions

Fast special ability for machine center

● Finite element structural analysis and design technology ,to adapt to customer’s different performance improvement requirements

● Adopt more than 10 kinds of spindle box ,column ,base ,table module assembly ,can quickly respond to the market different sizes, precision and smoothness,  special product requirements .

● The company has established a rapid incubation product chain of casting ,processing ,key components ,R&D technology ,assembly and testing , to meet customer’s requirements for rapid customization .

Workpeices inspection and correction technology

● English Renishaw precision probe, inspection workpiece size , the system automatically corrects the position to realize quick clamping of work piece

● Probe repeat precision :0.001mm

QC system