VMC-V85P/ High speed parts processing machine center


The machine with optimized bed design has more advantages in parts processing efficiency and mold curved surface machining precision and finish

Widely used in

3C products, automatic spare parts, electronics, machinery, automotive, precision medical products and other fields of product processing.

Customer cases One :

Model :JOINT-V85P

Customer Places : Luoyang city ,Henan province

Product :Chemical mechanism

Customization requirements:

15000rpm direct connection spindle

Finish of Finishing machining

Vibration Value :1micogramme , without noise

Guide parallelism :0.01mm

Repeat position precision reach to 0.005mm

Customer cases Two:



Product :Precision Mold and parts

Customization requirement :

0i-MF(3) controller

15000rpm direct connection taiwan rotary spindle

24tools ATC ,Water gun, Air gun ,spindle oil coolant ,

screw type auto chip conveyor

4 axis rotary table model GX-255H with manual tailstock

Japanese tool setting gauge

BTMC-1020/Gantry type machine center


This series mainly processes the large box type, the complex curved surface mold, the large special-shaped, the plate type part processing

widely used in machinery, automotive, aircraft, aerospace, shipping, national defense and other fields of product processing

Customer case One:

Model :JOINT-BTMC1020


Product:Precision mold and parts

Customization requirements:


BT50/8000RPM Belt type spindle with CTS

24Tool ATC

Air gun/ Water gun,

Spindle oil cooler ,heat exchange

Screw type auto conveyor

4axis rotary table modle GX-400H with manual tailstock

Customer case two :

Model: BTMC-2030

Place: Xiamen city ,Fujian province

Product:Medical Equipment (CT test bed mold ,rough machining +finishing machining )

Customization requirement:


Spindle oil coolant ,heat exchange ,screw +chain type chip conveyor

BT50/8000rpm Rotary spindle

Special requirement :

Table size :1800*3000mm

THK Brand linear way (X axis :55mm) +screw

Equipped with temperature rise compensation technology

HTC-4235M/CNC lathe and milling compound machine


CNC Lathe and milling compound machine is equipped with Taiwan SYNTEC 211B-H Controller with servo motor and driving ,it can realize the high-speed operation of the moving axis and improve the machining efficiency of the parts. It can also realize the plane milling cutting, drilling tapping, milling groove and other milling and processing procedures of small disc and shaft parts. It has the combined functions of turning, milling, boring and so on, and can realize the one-time clamping and complete processing procedures

Widely used in

3C products, automation aircraft accessories, electronics, machinery, automotive, aircraft, aerospace, shipping, national defense and other processing

Customer cases One :

Model :HTC-4235

Customer Places :Liuzhou city ,Guangxi province

Product : Disk and square parts

Customization requirements:

GSK980TDI controller with Chinese motor and driving

Spindle motor:7.5kw A2-6 spindle

8 position servo tool turret

10inch Hollow type hydraulic chuck

With Positive and negative claw

Moveable handle , spindle with fix directional function

Processing requirement :

Processing disk tool, square tool, high surface finish requirements, Fast processing efficiency , with water gun and air gun, open the robot Automatic loading and unloading feed function and automatic opening and closing, for the subsequent increase of robot Automatic loading and unloading feed preparation

Customer cases Two:

Model :HTC-4640

Places:Yingshan city, Sichuan province

Product : Valves and cocks

Customization requirement :

SYNTEC 22TA Controller ,5.5kw servo spindle motor

8 position pragaiti brand electrical tool turret

6inch hollow type hydraulic chuck ,taiwan spindle

Imported bearing and ball screw ,linear way ,hydraulic station

VTC-500C/CNC drilling and tapping machine center


This series of product is produced elaborately according to the standard of imported machine, which has characteristics of high stability, high efficiency and high speed.

widely used in

3C industry, shell processing of electronics, aerospace, small auto parts, medical equipment and other industries parts, shell processing

Customer case One:

Model : VTC-500C

Place:Hanoi, Vietnam

Processing product: Samsung’s clamping device

Customization requirements:

380V/50HZ  0I-MF(5)/a Controller

Air gun/ Water gun,

21Tool ATC ,

Spinder Spindle 24000rpm,

TONGFEI heat exchange,

TONGFEI spindle oil coolant,

BT30 milling chuck,

BT30 tool lock holder,

M12 clamping kit,

6’ vise,

CF card.

Rexroth brand Linear guideway

Japanese THK Ball screw

Customer case Two:

Model : VTC-600C

Place:xi’an city ,Shan xi province

product: Railway mechanical and electronic products, railway equipment

Customization requirements:

0I-MF(1)/α Controller,


Water gun/air gun,

Heat exchange,

Taiwan Spinder spindle,

Spindle motor change to 24000rpm,

Customer process aluminum material, efficiency increased 30%.

We provide processing program According to customers drawing Customers When we delivery machine .

CM600/Precision cnc engrave machine CM series

Introduction :

Adopt High quality casting, beam column gantry frame design, the overall rigidity is good, suitable for rapid and stable operation of machine tools, using 24000 rotary spindle for high light carving and milling.

Widely used in the field of precision mold, mold, copper electrode, aluminum products batch processing, shoe mold making, jig processing, watch and watch glasses industry

Customer Case One :

Model : CM600


Product: Machining copper and aluminum

Customized requirement :

SYNTEC 21MA system ,BT30/5.5KW/24000Rpm

12Tool ATC ,Tool probe , Spindle oil coolant ,

Japanese Yaskawa servo motor ,Taiwan C5 grade precision ball screw

Three axis Japanese NSK P4 grade bearing ,

Taiwan Hiwin linear way ,German coupling

Customer Cases Two:

Model :CM700

Place:Liuzhou city ,Guangxi Province

Product :Process the mold cavity profile of automobile cylinder

Customized requirement :

Mitsubishi E80A controller ,Taiwan Posa brand BT30/7.5KW/24000Rpm spindle

12tool ATC,Japanese Metrol brand Tool probe ,

Point spindle oil coolant , England Renishaw brand OMP400 workpiece probe

Special requirement :

Curved surface machining accuracy is within 0.002mm

Screw and linear way accuracy is within 0.001mm

3D machining accuracy must be within ±0.02mm

With Renishaw brand OMP400 probe test 3D