Shenzhen Joint Technology Co., Ltd. 

specializes in R&D and manufacturing mold processing and machinery parts processing equipment, we developed high quality and high-tech research, development, manufacturing, service team and management system, and expanded products to more than 11 series from milling machines, to machine center,mechanical arm, automation. With the exceptional quality products and distinct brand reputation, our products are sold to more than 40 developed cities all over China, and also to more than 20 countries all over the world across Asia, Europe and America.

Our company takes the high quality product as orientation, R&D ideas is to provide customers with the most suitable quality products, became a professional machine tool manufacturer with a complete product line of mould and parts processing machine tool and strong tailor-made design capability in China.

Core advantage:

● Quality advantage: standardized and detailed quality control process and inspection operation mechanism, high standard production technology, international high level detection software and hardware — to ensure a stable supply of excellent products.

● Research and development advantages: more than 20 years of adhering to the in-depth research and technology precipitation — has formed characteristic that make general equipment performance better, customize equipment rapidly and accurately, and provide equipment and application of comprehensive solutions.

Invention patent, utility model patent, software copyright dozens

● ERP, CRM and other comprehensive information management system — to make ensure enterprise efficient operation and continuous improvement.

Special advantage:

Provide customers with practical customized products

Provide customers with application technical support of CNC products, including product proofing, processing process programming, fixture design and manufacturing.

provide customers with mold or parts processing whole plant equipment matching plan, including parts processing beat plan, equipment matching.

Provide customers with integrated solutions for automated production lines, including equipment automation, loading and unloading automation, and material transmission automation.