1. Program input way: keyboard and automatic programming machine communication.

2. Control function: Arbitrary rotation, Axial symmetry, Circular scale, Backwards, Return zero dot, Automatic alignment, After finished machining will cut off high frequency automatically, Stop wire movement, Open water pump, etc. function.

3. Max. storage volume of program is 2000 segments.

4. Short circuit processing: Automatic return back untill eliminate short circuit.

5. Fracture wire processing: Fracture wire brake, return zero dot.

6. Fast check return zero error of program.

7. The function for power failure memory, recover machining after connect power.

8. Concurrent working: Can input program when machining control.

9. High intelligent circular interactive software system.

10. All drawing way programme, can with singlechip communication.

11. Callable DXF, AUTOP graphics file, CAD fonts file.

12. Large capacity, with hard disk, avoid running out of internal storage.

13. Drawing back stop function, can draw common curve.

14. The function for machining track, data tracking dispaly in real time and power failure memory.

15.  Four axis synthesis, special-shaped surface machining.

16. Concurrent working, machining drawing at the same time.

Model DK7720
Table size mm 420*270
Table travel mm 200*250
Wire frame span mm 200
Processing taper /mm 6︒, 15︒, 30︒/80
Max cutting speed mm²/min ≥90
Optimum processing surface roughness μm ≤2.5
Electrode diameter mm 0.10-0.20
Speed of the electrode wire m/s 11.5
Working liquid DX-1DX-4Nanguang-1
Processing accuracy According to GB7926-87 standard
Worktable movement pulse amount 0.001
Machine consumption power kw <1.0
Max.workpiece weight kg 100
Weight kg 800
Dimension mm 1160*810*1300