Congratulations to “JOINT” for winning the “Excellent Brand Award” of Machinery Industry in 40 years of reforming and opening up .



Congratulations to Mr Qiu- After-sales service department of “JOINT COMPANY”, for winning the “Fine Craftsman Award


Congratulations to Zheng xinsheng- Research and development department of “JOINT COMPANY”,on winning the Enterprise Elite Award


Guided by Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprises service agency, Bright area economy service bureau, support by Shenzhen social organization association, Shenzhen machinery industry association, Shenzhen mechanical engineering society, Guangdong industrial fair, Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprises public service platform mechanical window, intelligent manufacturing mass innovation space, Guangdong Sea Property Investment (International) Co. LTD held  in Shenzhen Nanshan Poly Theatre for “Attitude to keep originality, power made in China – Shenzhen machinery industry association member conference 2018 and the era of reform and opening up the 40th anniversary of the machinery industry development power festival of the year”, Shenzhen machinery originality tribute the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

A red carpet is laid on the floor, shining with concentrated light. The People of JOINT are confident and calm, and show their ingenuity, showing their vigor and vitality. Mr. Cui Minrong, member of the standing committee of The Shenzhen CPPCC and director of the Economic Commission of Shenzhen, said that Shenzhen Machinery has developed from the traditional competitive industries in Shenzhen to the current advanced manufacturing industry, which is an important contributor to the leap-forward development of Shenzhen. Shenzhen cannot develop without industry and industrialists, who have created the well-known “Shenzhen speed” and are also building the “Shenzhen quality” and “Shenzhen standard”. The glory belongs to the businessman and is well deserved.

As a machinery industry equipment manufacturing expert, With 25 years of technical innovation and quality precipitation, “JOINT” company has always attached importance to the leadership of products and services, constantly upgrading innovation, to provide customers with better mechanical equipment and after-sales service.This award is the community and machinery industry to The Affirmation of “JOINT” Machine, is also the power of “JOINT” to continue to move forward.In the future, we will continue to stay true to our original aspiration, keep our mission in mind, and continue to make innovations to contribute to China’s manufacturing sector.